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Propagation model for non-line-of-sight ultraviolet communication 会议论文
, 0, 2013-08-21
作者:  Luo YX(罗易雪);  Tang XY(汤心溢)
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The Research of Adaptive-exposure on Spot-detecting Camera in ATP System 会议论文
, 0, 2013-08-21
作者:  Qian F(钱锋);  Jia JJ(贾建军);  Zhang L(张亮);  Wang JY(王建宇)
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Reliability design of CMOS image sensor for space applications 会议论文
, 0, 2013-08-21
作者:  Jie N(解宁);  Chen SJ(陈世军);  Chen YP(陈永平)
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The Hughes phenomenon in hyperspectral classification based on the ground spectrum of grasslands in the region around Qinghai lake 会议论文
, 0, 2013-08-30
作者:  Weiwei Ma;  Gong CL(巩彩兰);  Hu Y(胡勇);  Meng P(孟鹏);  Feifei Xu
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Assembly and alignment of infrared refractive system 会议论文
, 0, 2013-09-11
作者:  Yang L(杨林);  Lin JC(林剑春);  Wang YJ(王雅静);  Chen FS(陈凡胜)
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Design of ground motion compensation servo system 会议论文
, 0, 2013-05-21
作者:  Tan C(谭婵);  Ding L(丁雷);  Chai JG(柴金广)
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An Intelligent Monitoring and Management System for Cross-Enterprise Biomedical Data Sharing Platform 会议论文
, 0, 2013-03-30
作者:  Wang TS(王土生);  Yang YY(杨媛媛);  Zhang JG(张建国)
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Study of acquisition technology of scanning in satellite-to-ground laser communication 会议论文
, 0, 2013-08-21
作者:  Juanjuan Wang;  Ma YH(马艳华);  Wei-hong Zhu;  Qiang J(强佳)
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Detecting and tracking small moving target in infrared image sequence 会议论文
, 0, 2013-09-11
作者:  Yan HL(颜洪雷);  Huang GH(黄庚华);  Wang HW(王海伟);  Shu R(舒嵘)
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The Electrochemical Capacitance-Voltage characterization of InP based p-i-n structures 会议论文
, 0, 2013-06-28
作者:  Wang LW(王立伟);  Lu YD(卢怡丹);  Xu JT(许金通);  Li XY(李向阳)
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