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Design and Implementation of Ultraviolet Imager for Corona Discharge Detection Based on Solar-Blind AlGaN Focal Plane Arrays 会议论文
作者:  Wang JQ;  Li XJ;  Wang L;  Xie J;  Zhang Y;  Li XY
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AlGaN  UV  ultraviolet image  corona discharge  
Design of Ultra-low-power Readout Circuit for UV GaN Focal Plane Array 会议论文
作者:  Li XJ;  Wang JQ;  Xie J;  Wang L;  Zhang Y;  Li XY
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Low power  CTIA  ROIC  UV GaN FPA  Snapshot  IWR  ITR  
An optical nano-antenna structure of metallic ball array for enhancement of near-infrared photodetection 会议论文
作者:  Yao PF;  Li T;  Li X;  Shao XM;  Gong HM
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nano-antenna  near-infrared photodectection  surface plasmon polariton  
Design and engineering development of single-mode fiber coupling system for Laser Doppler Velocity Radar 会议论文
作者:  Wu KY;  Ping HZ;  Ming XW;  Rong S
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Single-mode fiber coupling  Coherent detection  Laser Doppler velocity radar  Optical design  
Differential absorption lidar observation on small-time-scale features of water vapor in the atmospheric boundary layer 会议论文
作者:  Kong W;  Li JT;  Liu H;  Chen T;  Hong GL;  Shu R
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differential absorption lidar  DIAL  water vapor  turbulence  small-time-scale  autocovariance method  
Beryllium compensation doped InGaAs/GaAsSb superlattice photodiodes 会议论文
作者:  Jin C;  Wang FF;  Xu QQ;  Yu CZ;  Chen JX;  He L
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An algorithm of non-continuous gray-scale histogram enhancement based on the visual characteristics 会议论文
作者:  Li Y;  Li Z;  Tang XY
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Non-continuous gray-scale histogram  Visual characteristics curve  Central segment histogram enhancement  Gray-scale compression  Image enhancement  Infrared  
Design and implementation of Intelligent Equipment Information Management System for Aerospace Laboratory 会议论文
作者:  Liao XX;  Sun SL;  Iin G;  Yang HF;  Lv PY
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An introduction of resistive arrays and packaging technology 会议论文
作者:  Sun Q;  Liu DF;  Gong HM
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Resistor arrays  Packaging technology  Infrared scene simulation  
Progress in Ultrasonic Bonding Wire Process and Quality Evaluation of Bonding Point 会议论文
作者:  Zhao ZL;  Mo DF;  Wu JR;  Jiang MD;  Zhang JL;  Xu L
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Wire bonding  Bonding parameter  Quality evaluation